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Nov 06

U2 at Telstra Stadium

Fantastic concert! Had to wait a year before they finally came, but I don’t think anyone was disappointed! Set list for the night.

Crowd shot

Another crowd shot

“Coexist”: I think this was put up around the time Sunday Bloody Sunday and Miss Sarajevo were played

Aussie flag sans Union Jack: U2 were probably playing to the right demographic for that political statement

Everyone waving their mobile phones in the air: doesn’t come out very well in the pic, but the effect was cool

I thought it was a better show at Madison Square Garden in New York, but that was probably because it wasn’t open air and was a more “intimate venue” where Bono could interact with the crowd a lot more (it ran longer, Bono chatted a bit more, guest appearance by Mary J Blige for One, a few audience members were dragged on stage to help sing, etc). But on the other hand, Telstra Stadium did have 75,000 people, and that creates quite an atmosphere.

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