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Oct 06


It’s Good Food Month this October. For some reason, Hats Off nights have been scheduled for Tuesday nights this year. That is a bad thing. The night is just not as enjoyable when (a) you’re not sure you can get out of work on time, and (b) you have to go to work the next day at 7am. “Bookings are essential”, the SMH says in bold red characters, but last night Omega was looking decidedly forlorn with only about 6 tables filled throughout the whole night.

Omega is on King St, down a flight of stairs which lead into a simple well-lit underground rectangular room, split into the dining area and an area with bar and tables for more informal meals. For Hats Off, Omega put together a 7-course degustation menu ($130pp) which is based on “a modern interpretation on the cuisine of Cyprus” (the land where Greek and Turkish cuisines unite, apparently).

I don’t think I’ve ever had Cyprian food, so it was an interesting meal. The flavours are mixed, but generally quite strong. Entrees were pretty good. Mains were a good mix – lamb, snapper, duck and beef. Desserts were unfortunately nothing to write home about.

Service was pretty good, not that it was hard for three people to wait on only six tables! They didn’t really announce/describe the dishes to us, it was more like, “This is duck. I’ll go away now.” The most elaborate it got was, “The salt is from the lakes around Cyprus. It’s special salt, because it’s um, black. Teehee!” (No really, those were almost her exact words!) I found it pretty amusing.

Overall, a fairly nice place to dine – good if you want to try a different cuisine instead of the standard French/Italian/Japanese/Mod Oz hatted-restaurant fare.

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