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May 06

Three-quarter Pounder

After reading this article about McDonald’s gluttony, Doz and I decided to go through Maccas and perform a little independent verification. It’s been a while since they’ve offered the Triple Cheeseburger, so we decided to improvise and order a Triple Quarter Pounder (couldn’t quite bring ourselves to go for a full pound) – three 110gm patties and slices of cheese. We pulled up at the drive-thru window:

“Hi, could we get two medium value meals with quarter pounders – but could we have three beef patties and three cheese slices?”
The person at the register a tiny Indonesian girl, who was busy punching in the order paused and looked up.
“So you um… want quarter pounders, but with uh… three patties of beef?”
“And three slices of cheese.”
This brief look of repulsion crossed over her face and then she was trying her hardest not to smile. She looked down at her screen and started taking deep breaths. She pressed a few buttons.
“That will be uhhh… $9.55 for each meal,” she finally said, mouth crinkled at the edges.
“Yeah yeah, we’re hungry.”

We got to the second window and another girl stuck her head out. “Hey are you the guys that ordered the modified quarter pounder meals?”I could have sworn she was looking at us with this strange smile – one that said, “you sick, sad people, I feel sorry for you”.
“It’ll be three minutes. Please wait in the waiting zone.”

About five minutes later, another person emerged with our meal. Despite the fact that there was no one else waiting for anything outside the drive-thru queue, he asked, “What are you waiting for?”
“Uh, quarter pounder meals? … With three patties?”
Snigger. “Heh. Yep, here you go.”

The weight of the bag was heavy, and the burgers were dense.