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May 06

The Amazing Race 9

The finale for three of the last four normal-format seasons of The Amazing Race (seasons 5, 6, 7 and 9) have all finished in a similar way. Out of the three teams remaining, there’s one laggard team which is never in the running, leaving two other teams to battle it out. One team is ultra-competitve (eg, Colin and Christie in 5, Rob and Amber in 7) and and competent, the other team is a “nice” one which wins the audience over (eg, Chip and Kim in 5, Uchenna and Joyce in 7). And, gratifyingly, the nice one wins in a nail-biting finish.

I’m… happy to tell you that Season 9 follows this format. I like to call it the season of first world countries, since they travel through all the G8 countries except for the UK, France and Canada, and also go through Australia. Despite this, it was a very enjoyable season. The Japan leg was a blast to watch. Now the US TV season is well and truly over for the shows I like to watch… have to wait two months before the next season kicks off.