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Apr 06

I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse

Ok here’s the deal. You’re at a party in a townhouse attached to Teascapes Cafe at The Spot, Randwick. The time is 2.00am, the temperature outside is about 18 degrees. After a protracted negotiation, you have six reasonably attractive girls offering to kiss you anywhere you want above the waist, either together or one by one (if on the mouth, tongue not included, boo). Photographic evidence will be taken and provided to you for your posterity. In order to collect on this offer, you have to strip to your underwear (briefs not boxers), pop on some sneakers, and walk to the Ritz Cinemas, only 50 metres away. You must strike several poses in front of the Ritz’s front doors, get photographed, and then return home. You are drunk. Do you accept? Do you?

Last night, one fellow who shall not be named, with some um… gentle persuasion, accepted the challenge and was applauded and whistled at by several passers-by for his efforts. Unfortunately upon returning, overcome by a blood alcohol level in the permanent liver damage-range, he passed out cold before he could reap his rewards. Photographic evidence is now available to the highest bidder.