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Mar 06

Ultra-mobile PCs

Here’s a video sneak peak of the new “UMPC” class of computers. UMP stands for Ultra mobile PC, a device in between a PDA and a sub-notebook in size (7″ screen), with the characteristics of a tablet PC. There’s a good promo video showing its potential. Microsoft’s Origami Project is a software platform for UMPCs. If they make this thing widely interoperable with cars (through bluetooth or similar – like how you can currently wirelessly link up a mobile phone to certain vehicles), it might even be able to act as a portable, wireless media centre (imagine being able to seamlessly link up with any car’s hi-fi system, or anyone’s home theatre) with remote control functionality as well. Hmm, the possibilities. (They just need Apple’s design team to give it an aesthetic makeover, because it doesn’t look that flash.)

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