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Jun 05

PayPal Class Action

About a year ago, because I have a PayPal account, I received a letter from some law firm asking if I wanted to join in a class action law suit against PayPal. I don’t know what the litigation concerned, but I signed up anyway. I just received a cheque for US$7 because PayPal ended up settling the suit. The settlement worked out to be US$8 per class member, but $1 went to lawyers’ fees. The problem is I suspect that cashing an international cheque incurs bank fees which see me having to pay money to bank it. I’m sure a lot of people are in a similar position and can’t be bothered cashing in a small cheque and the consequence is that whatever PayPal ended up pledging in their settlement, they will only actually have to pay out a fraction of that.

I just realised that despite the cheque not having a country on the mailing label, and “NS” instead of “NSW”, the US postal service still managed to get it sent to me. Impressive.