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Jun 05

Kingsford Restaurant Review

Putting four years of knowledge into the commons, I’ve written up a rundown of all the restaurants in Kingsford. The best restaurant award goes to:

Ben’s The Thai Takeaway

Cuisine: Thai
Prices: $6 for lunch; $7 for dinner
Service: Order at counter, grab your own water jug and cups
Recommended: Split a tom yum soup between two to accompany the meal
Stay away from: The rice noodles, which are very oily (but not the pad thai)
Closed on Mondays.

Ben’s is tucked away off the main Anzac Parade strip. Nonetheless, despite its relatively obscure location, its Jet Li lookalike owner runs a roaring trade. Ben’s is the staple in any student’s diet. All food, even the soup, is cooked in just two blackened woks. They’ve been seasoned so well that I reckon you can boil water in them and the water will taste good.

You can order shared dishes, or more typically, from the individual serve menu, which offers large one-dish servings of tasty food at among the lowest prices in Kingsford. The lunch and dinner menus are identical, but the servings for dinner are larger. Don’t bother asking for dishes by name – look down the list and tell them the dish number (because that’s what they write down on their pad). My flatmate swears by the “101” Gai Todd, which is essentially a chicken schnitzel on rice with some sweet chilli sauce and the “106” – a large pork omelette on rice – but those two dishes are a little dry for my liking. I prefer the “113” which is a beef red curry, and the chicken with cashew nuts. Also, Pad Thai is available on a separate menu for $7.50. It’s by no means the best tasting Pad Thai in town, but it’s the largest serving of noodles around.

Read all the reviews here. I didn’t realise there were so many restaurants along a 1km strip of road!