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May 05

Tales from the Dungeon II

My uncle, cousin, and dad (incredibly) now all play World of Warcraft. My uncle’s a doctor with his own practice, and he plays it during work. He sits in the auction house and bids on stuff in between seeing patients. He’s made several hundred gold from doing that. Then he started up a rogue as an alt and quests during the day. When a patient comes in to see him, he stealths, alt-tabs to the relevant medical software, attends to the patient, then switches straight back to slaughtering lives as opposed to saving them.

My flatmate’s WoW addiction hijinks continue. He is hellbent on equipping his character with as much virtual bling as possible from the auction house. He terms this his “blue fetish” (blue coloured items denote rare items in the game). There was one blue helm he was particularly intent on getting that he discovered being auctioned off at 1am. At that time, the auction was marked as being of “Long” duration, which means there is anywhere from 2 to 8 hours left to bid on the item. So, bearing in mind he had uni at 9am, he took a punt and set his alarm clock for 5am so he could monitor the price. Four hours of sleep later, he managed to wake up and drag himself to the computer. The auction was still on foot, but still marked as “Long” duration. So he slept for another hour and woke up again. The auction had changed to “Medium” duration (from 30 minutes to 2 hours left) and the price was still a bargain. Dreary eyed, he set his alarm clock to wake him up in 25 minute blocks, until the auction turned “Short” (less than 30 minutes). After three 25 minute sleep-wake cycles, something happened. He miscalculated something along the line, for when he re-awoke for the sixth time that morning, the item was gone. The auction was over. The item had been sold.

The worst story of WoW addiction I’ve heard is when my cousin went with a friend to go skiing in Whistler last holidays. My cousin’s friend decided to bring along a computer. I’m not talking about a laptop here, but a full computer – tower case, 19″ monitor, keyboard, the works. When they got to Canada, he (the friend) spent a whole day trying to get his computer to work (the power supply was having problems with the different voltages). A day was wasted with no result, so he decided to take off in the evening to a net cafe to get his WoW fix. Not a word was heard from him until he got back the next day at 3… PM. To make matters worse, it turns out that the friend was meant to have arranged accommodation at the ski fields, but upon arriving in Canada that arrangement had fallen through because something hadn’t been done. So my cousin spent the time searching for alternatives. The following day they had a 7am bus to catch to the actual ski fields/accommodation. The friend, slumbering after another session of WoW, was unwilling/incapable of waking up on time, so my cousin, now thoroughly infuriated, took off to go skiing without him. It is still unknown whether the friend (a friend no longer, obviously) made it to the ski fields.

There you have it. Warcraft addiction Ruins Lives. I can’t wait till I hit level 60.