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May 05

Amazing Race Season 7 Finale

Best. Season. Finale. Ever. Even better than Season 5. Highlight below for spoilers:

Season 7 of The Amazing Race was mindblowing and the last episode was spectacular. Uchenna and Joyce took it out in a nail-biting finish, against Rob and Amber (in my opinion, the most consistently best team to race, with 5 1st place finishes to their name, and never finishing outside of the top 3 except for one 5th place finish) and Ron and Kelly (who started off strongly, but whose wheels fell off at the end).

Rob and Amber, who have amazing luck, are of course slimy. Which is one totally valid way to play the game, but it doesn’t do much to put the audience on side, nor the other competitors.

The thing that made Uchenna and Joyce’s victory so incredible was that they overcame a last place finish in the penultimate leg, resulting in them losing all their money and belongings which made them go through most of the leg without food, water, or sleep. Nonetheless, they maintained their integrity right to the very end of the race. Even when the million bucks was mere metres away, they didn’t have the heart to short-change and ditch the taxi driver (or it may have been race rules, but I’m more inclined to believe the former explanation). It was a nail-biter. Also keep in mind the head-shaving that Joyce had to endure, and how she sprang back from that so quickly. You couldn’t have scripted a more deserving finish. Here are some links with people who agree:

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