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Apr 05

Just a little longer…

Ok, the last few weeks have been a write-off blogwise. There’s been like, 3 posts in 3 weeks. It’s been so busy. I even turned off my RSS feed reader two weeks ago, so I’m horribly out of touch with any news which is less significant than the sad death of the Pope. I think he was an outstanding leader of the Church.

I reckon normal posting will resume after next week. There’s a stack of things that’ll be finished by then: months of prep for the space moot competition will finally come to a head – it kicks off this Tuesday and runs over five days. Advanced Contracts finishes next week too, so I’ll be down from 3 uni subjects to 2, and there are other bits and pieces that will have been tied up by then.

Of course in a couple of weeks I start clerking again, there’ll be several uni essays to do and journal articles to review, but I think I should then have enough time to get around to what really matters this semester: finalising post-uni travel plans! Went to Yoshii last week, will have to remember to do a writeup on that as well.

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