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Jan 05

Beijing Itinerary

Almost there… I’m leaving on Saturday for Beijing where UNSW is holding a summer session elective called “Chinese Legal System” there. Yes, it’s conducted in English. Yes, China has a legal system. Here’s the timetable:

  Morning Afternoon
Mon 10 Chinese Legal System overview Australian Embassy visit
Tue 11 Constitutional Law The Forbidden City
Wed 12 Tiananmen Square
The Great Hall of the People
Yonghe Lamasery
Temple of Heaven
Thu 13 Intellectual Property Law Field trip to State IP Bureau
Acrobat show
Fri 14 Contract Law Great Wall, Ice Lamp Park
Sat 15 Harbin
Sun 16 Harbin
Mon 17 Foreign Investment Law Law firm visit
Tue 18 Corporate and Securities Law Court visit
Wed 19 China’s Foreign Trade Law Ming Tombs & CUPL’s new campus
Thu 20 Mediation, arbitration and civil enforcement procedures Summer Palace
Farewell Banquet
Fri 21 Free Free
Sat 22 Free Depart Bejing

Should be fun, although the main thing to be worried about is the temperature. This was showing on the firm’s intranet today:


That’s like, a 38 degree difference. I’m so going to get sick. On the weekend I’m meeting up with Kev and Cath who are bungling me on a 13-hour overnight train trip with them up to Harbin. Harbin is way up north. In fact, it’s further north than Vladivostok, which is a notoriously cold Russian city. I’ve been warned of sub-negative-20 degree temperatures there. I’m so going to die. Nonetheless, the Ice Festival in Harbin looks amazing (although when they light it up at night it looks pretty cheesy).

Interestingly, by the end of the trip I’ll know more about Chinese IP, Foreign Investment, Corporate and Trade law than Australia’s. Not hard, since I know nothing about those Australian laws.

There’s also a 3.5 hour transit in Singapore on the way there. My sprightly Aunt Carol has been kind enough to take us for a quick late night snack while we’re there, a welcome respite from airline food. Apparently the cuisine in Beijing leaves a lot to be desired.