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Oct 04

When E-Mail Malfunctions

E-mail’s a generally reliable communication media. So much so these days, that it’s almost unthinkable that e-mail just “goes missing”. My e-mail has been playing up over the last day or two. I noticed it when there was a blackspot of about 12 hours where I wasn’t receiving anything. At first I thought it was just one of those quiet periods (even though that’s unusual on a weekday), but then I realised that I wasn’t even getting any spam. Then one or two pieces of mail came through. Then nothing. Turns out that something has been delaying some inbound mail for a few hours, and randomly making the rest of it “disappear” into the ether. Senders haven’t been receiving bounce messages, either. It’s very, very disconcerting. My server provider hasn’t been too illuminating on pinpointing the problem, either…