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Oct 04

Decisions, Decisions

Well, to my immense relief, joy and excitement, I went through the whole summer clerkship process and came out with four offers: MSJ, BDW, Freehills and AAR. I have had a really tough time deciding who to sign up with, and over the last week I’ve managed to narrow the list down to two firms. I really wish I could work with both, but of course can’t, so I will keep tossing and turning over the two choices until I’m forced to notify them of my final decision on Friday. It sort of comes down to a decision between people/culture and reputation. It’s not that any of the firms have a “bad” culture, but one firm particularly stood out for me in terms of its people. The other firm has good people, and also a reputation that particularly stands out. This doesn’t make matters easy. I don’t suppose anyone would have any suggestions?