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Jul 04

Vocab List

I’ve been keeping a small text file with new weird and wonderful words that I come across from time to time (mostly from reading legal judgments). The list currently contains:

probity abrogate promulgate
pecuniary recidivism vernacular
usufructuary derogate enure/inure
indefeasible a fortiori demesne
apposite sartorial gravamen
captious vituperous propinquity
nugatory legerdemain supervene
aleatory cataleptic contumelious
bibulous misandrist cognoscente
cloying philology Panopticon
amanuensis adumbrated heterodoxy
primogeniture bailiwick coterie
aphorism autochthonous discombobulated
apothegm parvenu

The problem is, I keep forgetting what these words mean. Ahh, learning vocabulary for vocabulary’s sake is actually pretty useless and impractical, unless you derive some sort of twisted enjoyment from sending people scuttling for the dictionary everytime you drop one of these words into writing.