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Apr 04

Michael Bublé Concert

Went to see Michael Bublé’s final Sydney concert with Denise and Jenny on Friday evening. When you fork out dosh to see a live performance, you’re really there to see the performer perform – not just a repeat of what’s out on their latest CD. Michael Bublé is great with the crowd and a surefire hit with the girls, at one stage jumping into the crowd to steal a kiss or ten from a particularly good looker in the front row. Her boyfriend took it in stride and ended up cuddling Michael. The girl, finding herself suddenly ousted from the action, leapt back in and threw her arms around the two of them, making it a threesome. (As Eddie Murphy said in his classic Delirious: “Being a comic though ain’t like being no singer. The singers get all the pussy.”)

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Most of the stuff was from his CD (including two of my favourites, That’s All and The Way You Look Tonight), with some other great pieces thrown in. There were also a few short bursts of George Michael and Michael Jackson thrown in for laughs (no moonwalk, but he did sing Moondance). Good mix of slow and snappy songs. At the end he stepped away from the microphone and gave an acoustic rendition of a verse from My Funny Valentine. The hall slightly echoed his voice giving it a really rich, resonant quality. I don’t know what it’s called if it has a technical label, but like all good singers, he has the ability to finish off a line holding a sharp, crisp note that gently introduces a softly pulsating vibrato before gradually fading away cleanly. Terrific stuff.

Another view from a concert-goer at Kazzart.