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Apr 04

Homepages don’t exist anymore

As late as 2000, blogs weren’t even a blip on the radar of mainstream media. Now they’re getting regular mentions. Like this article: New Kids on the Blog (from AJH). My opinions about blogging haven’t changed that much over the years. I figured that media coverage would come sooner or later, but I still have my doubts about (personal) blogging becoming a “serious” form of communication in the same way mainstream media is. The signal-to-noise ratio is just too high. On the other hand, blogs are still dying out after a couple months like always, but we’re beginning to a see a community of long-term stayers which is a good thing. I still dislike the term “blog”. There are many who started a site long before the label was conjured up and maybe feel that the label imposes connotations on them that may be true today but not back then.

I wonder if the major motivation for blogging in 2004 has changed when compared to say, 1999? After all, proliferation of the idea of blogging (it’s certainly entered popular culture when you get a lot of non-techies starting up blogs) must have done something to this.