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Mar 04

Hey BITs

This just occurred to me recently. There were about 50 people doing my first degree, which was in IT. I know a few friends from the course who have been reading this site for years. I know this despite them being pathological lurkers (hi guys), because occasionally they’ll retort to something I’ve said with, “Yeah I know, I’ve read it on your site.” Anyway, in a day and age where every third person has a blog, not a single BIT in my year I know of has one. Now, BITs in general are known for being chatty. And they are IT graduates, so theoretically there’s no problem with getting the “infernal machine contraption thingy” working. This seems like the right combination for adopting the relatively new-fangled mode of communication in the form of weblogs. But not one has a blog. I find that weird for some reason. Very weird.

I know this will fall on deaf ears and I’ll get no replies, but nonetheless if you’re a BIT/ISM, make your presence known in the comments please :).

Update: See, this e-mail I just got from Ben is exactly what I mean…

Found your little aside about BITs not blogging amusing. Sorry, no time or inclination from me ;) … I guess its just a reflection of our more technical guys not being big on written expression.. and our less technical being so corporate focused.