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Jan 04

Six Years of Hear Ye!

Hear Ye! turns 6 years old today. It’s a little strange when you consider that in the near future, there will be a bunch of journal sites running around with archives that chronicle over a decade of life’s happenings. I would say that that sort of longevity is quite difficult to achieve if you were to keep a pen and paper diary instead, just because of the disadvantages of physical media.

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1.  Allan

Holy crap! Six years! I don’t know if congratulations is the correct thing to say in these circumstances but…congratulations, Stu.

2.  Little D

Happy Birthday … wait so do long time subscribers (readers) get some sort of benefit…

3.  Shish

Just the other day I skipped back to the Jan ’98 archives. First thing that jumped out was:

“Just read from Tom’s Hardware Page, Intel plans the release of 450MHz chips in the 2nd half of this year.”

Then a rant about StarCraft potentially blocking Kali. Then Ultima Online. Then Clinton. Then the new Marshall and the new PC labs. Speaking of which, you know the maths rooms have laptops now?

4.  mike

wow, good work man.

5.  Sharkey

Wow, happy anniversary Stu. All these years and the list still goes on.

6.  Fuzzy

Congrats buddy.

My current archives stretch back to 99, with a year or so of static html posts which have now been lost to the digital ether.

I totally agree with the point about a digital journal being far easier to archive. I have 4 200+ page notepads from my pre-web days and the oldest t these need to be handled very carefully least they crumble and turn into dust.

Oh yeah, I’m going to be down in Sydney on the 20th of Feb. I’d dig it muchly if we could catch up for a drink.

7.  Shrapnel

Time flies doesn’t it?

I’ve always been jealous of your well organized journal.



8.  Rodent


9.  Rodent

Dear Leader, may a thousand praises honour your name and this most venerable web site.

10.  teldak

Wow, that’s all I can say. Having all that much content to reflect on, while, yours is much more focused than mine (looking at IP, it’s a mere 2 and a half right now). I do think that at one point I had read through the whole of this site, it’s a very comprehensive site. :: applaud ::

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