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Nov 03

The Three Stages of Consciousness

Too much work to get through. Oh well, there’s always time to make a post. Back in high school, I used to have a Sunday-morning tutor who would outrageously doze off while writing, mid-sentence. He’d be writing a word, then suddenly the pen would stop momentarily, then start sliding off in one direction, leaving a line across the page – which in many cases began looking like graph paper. Apart from the awkwardness of not knowing how to snap him out of his stupor, I could never fathom how someone could drop off while writing. Not until I got to uni, that is. I now present to you empirical evidence of my varying states of consciousness in the form of class notes:

Torts | State of Mind: Awake
Subject: Torts. State of consciousness: Awake.
The handwriting is legible, the notes are fairly detailed.

Crim Law | State of Mind: Tired
Subject: Criminal Law. State of consciousness: Quite Fatigued.
Lines not straight. Writing trickles to a scrawl at end of line. Barely legible.

Admin Law | State of Mind: Asleep
Subject: Adminstrative Law. State of consciousness: Dropping in and out of REM cycles.
Struggling to complete words. Blotches where fallen asleep. Attempts to correct illegible words upon awakening (eg, “consequences”). Notes non-sensical.

And there we have it. Time for bed.