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Nov 03

Short Skirts at Westfield

Oh for goodness sake…

A woman is suing shopping centre giant Westfield for defamation and wrongful imprisonment, claiming security guards detained and harassed her about her mini-skirt. …

Mrs Strasberg alleges Ms Remoundos told her: “There have been complaints made against you. You are dressed in a provocative manner. You are dressed inappropriately. It is offensive. Your skirt is too short.”

Mrs Strasberg alleges those words were defamatory and Ms Remoundos spoke to her in an aggressive manner, standing with her fists clenched on her hips.

Read Article (with photo).

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1.  Dennis

I’d hit it.

2.  Shrapnel

What’s really funny is that she’s a primary school teacher.

Early sex Ed for the kiddies.

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