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Nov 03

Matrix: Revolutions

Caught the midnight session. Needs a rewatch. I need some time to think. Special effects were fantastic. Plot was disappointing, although I’m too tired to think fully about it now. More later.

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1.  Rodent

Translation: Noooooooooo!

The great geek hope crashed and burned, even for the geeks.

2.  Mattman

Did you see it at Greater Union Campbelltown? If so, I might have been in the same cinema as you.. *umm.. yay*..

Sat through all 3 movies.

3.  Sleeper

Campbelltown? I thought it was Mac Square. In any event, the sounds are muffled.

4.  Stu

I saw it at Hoyts Eastlakes.

5.  Mattman

Macarthur Square being located in Campbelltown…

6.  Mattman

Ahh cool Stu.. no worries!

7.  Doz

Even worse than that piece of turgid, pretentious shit that was Reloaded. Moronic plot, the usual severe, bloated babble passed off as a script, crap action (including a moronic ‘defense of Zion’ and an anti-climactic rip off of Superman II for the final fight with Smith). The only high point was Monica Belluci’s breasts.

8.  Shrapnel

Doz: Belluci’s breasts weren’t even a high point because she never took her top off.

But yea, the plot was terrible and the dialogue was worse.

They tried so hard to infuse meaning into the movie they lost sight of plot development.

They ripped off every single cliche in story telling.

The first 15 minutes of the movie I felt was the strongest… everything afterwards was garbage.

Anyone else notice Neo’s body looking like a ‘cross’ after?

The final fight scene reminded me of Dragonball Z.

I liked that stuff.. back when I was 14.

9.  Sleeper

Loved it. Enjoyed all that that others have claimed cliched. Hey, I’m no picky reviewer but I managed to lose myself into the movie without having to distance myself to join the cool crowd dissing everything they see. Like a nation of Brendan Shanahans.

10.  Mattman

I was disappointed with Revolutions at first, and I did see it at 1am after seeing 1 and 2 in a row… so I was 1/2 asleep.

I finally understood what was going on after the second time of seeing it.

Bit of a let down but still enjoyed it!

You can’t please every person in the world.

11.  Shish

I was giving Reloaded the benefit of the doubt until Revolutions had a chance to tie the (thousands of) loose ends together. It didn’t. In that sense, Revolutions was disappointing, and has confirmed that Reloaded was a heap of pseudo-philosophical drivel.

But ignoring its inability to explain Reloaded, I actually really enjoyed Revolutions as a movie in its own right. Or as a sequel to the original, ignoring the second one altogether. Cliché shmliché.

12.  Sleeper

Museum station anyone? Where were the tunnels?

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