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Oct 03


Bob Carr hits the headlines with his soon-to-be-infamous “obey the law or leave the country” quote:

“My message is simple: Obey the law of Australia or ship out of Australia,” he told reporters. “We’re not going to see, step by step, our civilisation dragged back to medieval standards of revenge cycles. We’ve got private vengeance, private vendettas being pursued here and we won’t have a bar of it.”

When asked to explain how Australian citizens – if found to be responsible for the crime – could be forced to leave the country, Mr Carr only referred back to his original comments.

“I make no apologies for saying we don’t want this in Australia.”

Then came a swift Labor “clarification” after Brogden stepped up to criticise Carr:

NSW Labor backbencher Janice Crosio said she understood how Mr Carr’s comments could be seen as racist, but migrants had to understand they must obey Australian law.

“We are a nation that has welcomed migrants for 200 years since European settlement first started. We all love our country and we would like all our new settlers to do the same.”

Welcomed migrants for 200 years? Really?