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Sep 03


Hey, I found Nemo! (opens in new window). Thanks Vic.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting… Ray Charles! (I probably found this more hilarious than is… acceptable.)

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1.  teldak

Is that picture from Monsters, Inc.? If you remember, there was a sushi bar there, seemingly no more than a half an hour in. They’re both Pixar and we all know just how much Pixar loooves to do self-references (and if you don’t, look through the titles of their movies and the cover pictures then watch just one of the newer ones).

2.  Bonhomme de Neige

Hmm I dunno what’s in that article on wireless broadband but it’s blocked by the ABS firewall due to “malicious content”. Guess I’ll have to wait till I get home…

3.  Bonhomme de Neige

Oops commented under the wrong post. I’m a twat.

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