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Sep 03

Cabinet Reshuffle

Howard has reshuffled his cabinet. All rejoice as Richard “World’s biggest luddite” Alston finally steps out of his portfolio as Minister for IT and Communications due to his imminent retirement! Taking his place is the former A-G Daryl Williams. The new Attorney-General is, ironically enough, Philip Ruddock, an appointment that will ruffle more than a few feathers I’m sure. The new minister for Immigration is Amanda Vanstone.

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1.  Bonhomme de Neige

Damnit .. there goes my plan to fill out every box on the senate ballot next election just so I can put Alston last.

Of course Daryl Williams has small shoes to fill here … no matter what bad things he does, people will blame Alston for Australia’s backwards technological state for years to come. The damage is done and was done years ago .. I think it’s pretty unlikely broadband access will go forward in leaps and bounds now that Alston is gone.

2.  Pete

Hear Hear!

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