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Sep 03

28 Days Later

I hate horror movies, or suspense movies, or whatever you want to call them. You know the ones I mean. Some people like them, but for me personally, they’re stressful to watch, and I don’t believe that you should pay good money to sit there to be stressed for the greater part of two hours. That’s what uni exams are for. I’m not sure if its the fear that those movies put into you of what is happening on the screen, or just the fear of jolting at a sudden shock, and then feeling embarrassed because everyone saw you convulse in your seat. But despite my traditional boycott of these movies, I went and watched 28 Days Later because I heard it was good. It was a pretty good film. Most suspense films these days aren’t really scary as opposed to shocking. It’s easy to shock, you just play some funky music, fade it out, then at the relevant moment, show something gory on the screen and cue a damn loud noise. It’s the noise that does it. There aren’t that many sudden shocks in this film, and the fear is all in the chasing, and the shambling, rasping sounds of the Infected as they draw nearer. I found it fairly intense, although there are some times I which I could reach out and slap the director in the head, because he’s put in scenes where he knows are purely there to scare you (such as walking into a dark place for no good reason). Nonetheless it’s a good zombie flick.

Stay to the end of the credits. They have an alternate ending to show. It’s not so much alternate ending as it is a “what if?” scene, and it leaves you to fill in the gaps. Great fun to hypotheticise over. And also to think what you would do were you in your city and faced with the same situation. I’d find a boat, load it up with lots of water or carbonated drinks, canned food, moor a few kilometres off shore, and sit it out for two months, if that’s possible.

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1.  Limey

Hmm I only rented this when it came out over here [UK, incase you hadn’t guessed] and I don’t think it had the alternate ending, or I missed it. What happens?

2.  Stu

At the end of the credits, the words “What If?” appear. Then it rewinds back to when they escape from the mansion. They drive Jim to the hospital, where frantic attempts to revive him fail (they have no idea what all the drugs are). He dies, and the two women, obviously distraught, decide to get the hell out of there. The final shot shows them striding down a hospital corridor on their way out.

The DVD has more alternate endings.

3.  anthonyjhicks.com

Yeah, there are alternate endings on the UK DVD. Funny, I just hired it yesterday after seeing it on another blog and watching the preview on the web site. Looks interesting, haven’t had time to watch it yet. It will suck on my 34cm tv though.

4.  ambrosis

doh. i didn’t hang around past the credits. but the alternate by your description doesn’t sound like something i should regret missing that much.

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