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Jul 03

Matchbox 20 Concert

MB20 was absolutely fantastic. After a couple of very tepid supporting bands, Rob Thomas and his crew came on stage and kept the crowd going wild for almost two hours. Just about all the band’s hits were done, both new and old (I only noticed that “Girl Like That” was missing). The tempo was mixed, with the few traditional rock songs spaced out with slower piano pieces. “If You’re Gone” was done unplugged, although it felt emptier, missing the brass that fills in the gaps in the album version. “Downfall” was also missing the gospel choir, but a choir would have been a bit troublesome to bring along with them! I was also hoping to hear “You and I and I” which they only seem to play live, but unfortunately no luck. Nonetheless, excellent stuff. Good to sing along with, good to move along with. If you like MB20, I highly recommend seeing and hearing them in concert.

Set List: Cold, Real World, All I Need, Soul, Disease, Could I Be You, 3 AM, Mad Season, Feel, Hand Me Down, If You’re Gone, Bright Lights, Bent, (Cover), Unwell, Back to Good, You’re So Real, Downfall, So Sad So Lonely, Long Day, Push.

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