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Mar 03


Uni for this year commenced on Monday for me. Law’s a lot different from what I’ve been used to for the last four years. The grad students are all put into one of two grad streams, and our timetable is set for the whole year. As a result, there are about 30 of us that’ll be in the same “class” until the end of this year. There aren’t any lectures, just two hour tutes. It’s almost got a high school feel to it, with compulsory attendance and the highly interactive nature of the academic staff teaching (they keep lobbing questions). I guess the main difference is that the students are all from different backgrounds and of disparate ages.

The course looks interesting, challenging and stimulating, but there’s an absolute shitload of reading to do, and not much of it is very exciting stuff. I’m staring at $700 worth of books bought by the end of this week, and they keep updating new editions for them, so not only have I not been able to get any second-hand books, but there may be a problem offloading these books at session or year’s end. Subjects are Contracts 1, Crim Law 1, LL&S (ethics), Foundations of Law (legal systems) and Public Law. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes! It’s going to be a busy session…