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Mar 03


Uni has been extremely busy as you can observe by the decline in my already low posting frequency. Law’s inundated us with a lot of reading – gotta use all those textbooks I suppose! I got a part time job at Macquarie with the Margin Lending Division. It’s going to be pretty menial stuff, but should help to pay off those bills.

Went white water rafting last weekend. Really, really fun! It was up near Penrith on an artificial river at an Olympic site. Never one to emerge from outings unscathed, I was the first to flip over the edge when the raft decided to do an aquatic version of a wheelie at an inconvenient moment. Luckily, I still had one hand grasping onto the raft’s outer rope, and the other still obstinately clutching my paddle, so I was able to be dragged – spluttering – back on board.

Today is the 17th and is meant to be the final day before the US begins the process of levelling Iraq, with Johnny following, firmly attached to Bush’s backside. Hong Kong (yet again) is the centre of a freakish health scare – this time by a virulent strain of Pneumonia. Australia is steamrolling over all opposition in the World Cup. The state election this weekend will probably see Bob Carr in government (which is a good thing in my opinion). In other news, Bin Laden’s niece is thinking of launching a singing career in the UK.