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Feb 03

Trinity Settles. Apparition is no more.

Trinity settles out of court with bullying victim:

But he felt both teachers and students had more sympathy for thebullies as they had been sports stars at the school and he was accused of being a “dobber”. […] The effects of the bullying inside Trinity went much further than just the victims. The younger brother of the 14-year-old victim also left Trinity after he had conflicts with boys who branded him the “brother of a dobber”.

Older student still traumatised.

I’m about 5 minutes from Coogee, but I haven’t been up to see the so-called apparition of Virgin Mary. Someone took a bat to the fence in the meantime: Vandals destroy fence that held a vision of Mary

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1.  ajh

Look no offence to those religously inclined, but thank god someone took a club to that damn fence. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if some other religous denomination was responsible. It will amaze me forever the nature of the human psyche needing something (anything) to latch onto and believe in, it’s a dangerous thing so easily exploited in the weak willed masses.

2.  Sleeper

I quite liked the phenom that was the fence. I too think I can see things but I don’t have the foresight of drunkeness to get me out of court.

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