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Feb 03

New Computer

Finished buying components for a new computer. Specs: P4 2.4GHz, Asus P4PE (Firewire/Gigabit LAN), 512MB Corsair XMS3200 (2-2-2-6 latency), 120GB Seagate Barracuda V HDD (S-ATA), 120GB Western Digital (8MB cache, P-ATA) HDD, 40GB Seagate HDD(transferred from older computer), Lian Li PC-71 case, Antec 480W TruPower PSU, Leadtek Winfast 2000 XP TV/FM tuner card, SB Audigy Ex, LiteOn 52/52/24 CD-RW, LiteOn 16x DVD, GeForce 2 GTS.

I am waiting until the GeForce FX comes out, and will snap up a GeForce 4 when the subsequent price drop eventuates. Should easily last me through the rest of uni. I’m refusing to pump this system full of fans like my old one, no more overclocking for me. Serial HDDs are a pleasure to connect. All in all, it cost me in the mid $2000s, not a huge amount, and a miracle compared to the $5000 486-33DX system (4MB EDO RAM, 100MB HDD, SoundBlaster Pro, no CD-ROM) dad bought in 1991.