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Jan 03


It’s a desktop customisation program that lets you display real-time info about most things. Write SOAP-enabled plug-ins and you’ll be able to pull down any info you want from the web, just about. Now, if there was just a way to hyperlink stuff that Samurize displayed… {src: Fuzzy}

In other news, my second IBM hard drive crashed again, placing my main computer once again offline. The crash is similar to the one that happened over a year ago, with the same hard disk model. I will never buy an IBM hard disk again. It’s just as well that IBM has sold their hard disk division off to Hitachi. So with due consideration, I think it’s time to get myself a whole new computer and put that new Lian Li PC-71 case I got in Singapore to good use… time to start shopping! :) Can anyone recommend a good cpu/mobo combo? Preferably with serial ATA, (gigabit?) onboard LAN and perhaps firewire.