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Jan 03

5 Years of Hear Ye!

Today is Hear Ye’s 5th anniversary! Woohoo!

I went to a 50th birthday party a few weeks ago, the mother of a best friend. It was a huge occasion – she had invited friends who flew in from England and Southeast Asia for it. There were a barrage of speeches, which had revealed the antics of her in her teens, of her and her husband in their 20s, and so on. It was strange when I had the opportunity to listen to Mrs C’s best friend from university gossipping to us about Mrs C’s relationship issues of 30 years ago. It’s always strange to imagine how your parents might have been when they were young. Friends have often wondered why parents berate them for wearing certain clothing when aging photos show parents in attire equally as revealing (it was the era of miniskirts). We all latch onto anyone who has goss about our parents’ pasts.

All this vintage gossip normally exists as the unmentioned details in all our parents’ dark and mysterious pasts. Perhaps written in some lost teenage diary kept by mum, but more often than not secreted away in their minds, only to be freed by a kid’s incessant nagging. “Dad, how did you and mum really meet up?”

The world has since changed. Records of memories can now exist in an intangible form, yet be outside of our minds. Online diaries, weblogs and journals in the digital age roam the Internet freely, archiving thoughts, opinions and life events of those who keep them. Perpetual records of our life, infinitely duplicable, accessible globally, existing for as long as we wish to preserve them. I never had this perspective of my site when I started it, but now that I have surprised myself and managed to keep it going for so long, the record-keeping aspect of an online journal is but another reason why I keep one.

I wonder how the future generations will view the words that we type today, back when we were young.

“Dad, how can you tell me to not binge drink when you were pissed off your nut for three consecutive weeks in 2003?”