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Dec 02

The Two Towers

I saw a midnight filming of TTT on the 21st in Singapore (it screens there a week earlier than in Sydney). It’s incredible, and a portent of the things we will witness in Return of the King. I have virtually no gripes about the movie. Admitedly, it deviates from the book somewhat in what it focuses on, but that’s what we want to see in a good fantasy flick, isn’t it? Widespread battle and warfare, arrows and swords (though not as many arrows as in Hero!). No magic from Gandalf, interestingly enough, despite what we see in the PS2 game. The so-called Eowyn-Aragorn-Arwen love triangle only has a brief feature, to the extent that there isn’t one. I think Eowyn knows she doesn’t have a chance. I guess she’ll “just” have to be content with the King of Rohan, eh?

Anyway, you don’t need to know anymore than the fact that you should: 1. Read the book (you’re really missing out otherwise as the movie doesn’t explain everything that’s going on – trust me on that), and; 2. Watch the movie. This movie deserves multiple viewings, which will be undertaken on return to Sydney. The Singaporean cinemas are pretty shit (we were at Lido).