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Sep 02

Whistling Responses

Responses to the Whistling post below:

I’ve been able to do this since I was about 12, a family friend (female) taught me. Once I was shown the technique, it took 2 dizzying (literally) days of trying, before I got the slightest “whistle”. After that, it’s just adjustment of the hand position. If you can ignore the spelling errors, I found a webpage that tells how to do it.


It’s exactly the way I do it, except I only use the index finger of each hand, as opposed to index/middle fingers. With practice, you should be able to reach ear-drum popping volumes using this technique. I’ve actually been able to self-teach myself to do it with no hands now. But that took a good month’s worth of work… You are now the Padawan learner. Good luck!


In year 10 I spent several weeks learning to whistle with my fingers in
my mouth (drove everyone at school, my family, etc, insane). The only
way I learned was to stick 4 fingers (index and middle of each hand)
into your mouth, curling up the tip if your tongue and bracing it up
with the fingers (sort of pushing it down to make a tight fold…).
There’s a similar way where you link thumb and index finger and use that
instead. However, both these methods are somewhat unhygenic. So then I
learned to fox-whistle, which is just as loud and involves no fingers

What you do is stretch your top lip out and down, then press your tongue
against it, forming a small hole. Then blow through that. Note that you
have to blow hard, and get a loud whistle. You can fox-whistle quietly
but the position of the tongue for this is subtly different (when you
blow hard the force of the air moves the tongue…). This is the best
way IMHO.

Don’t expect to learn any of the above ways from scratch in less than a
week of nearly constant practice (driving those who have to be around
you up the wall).