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Sep 02

Lingua Machina

SMH article from Denise. What I find interesting is that data compatibility issues have been moving away media, to data formats. Whilst the old 8 and 5.25 inch floppies are all but non-existent, 3.5s and CDs have been around for ages. A lot of people reckon that 3.5s are dead, but still, when you need to quickly chuck a doc file onto something to bring somewhere, nothing beats a floppy. With CDs, backwards compatibility in optical drives will ensure that these discs won’t be turning obsolete any time soon. And naturally, most data is now distributed around the net, so it’s no longer about media incompatibility, but format incompatibility. It will be unlikely to see a standard “Lingua Machina” get developed and used by industry anytime soon, but the idea is laudable.