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Jul 02


Woke up at about 9.30 today. Uni results were released at 8am, but as usual the NSS system shat itself under the load of students checking their marks. After a good 15 minutes of clicking reload, I retrieved my mark for this session, an HD for IS Security, which was a good start to the day.

Pro dropped around and we headed off for brunch. We intended to go to Coogee but our approach was all bad, hitting a series of No Right Turn signs and ending up in Clovelly. No matter, we ate there at a cafe on the beachside. The beach at Clovelly is nicely tucked away and not heavily trafficked, and the day was just beautiful. The fresh aroma of sea salt in the air, good view of the beach, the soporific sounds of waves breaking, and to cap it off, warm, strong sunshine. Not bad for the middle of Winter, but then again, this is Sydney. Walked off our food along the rocks. Lots of people out with their dogs who were swimming in rockpools. It sure felt like a weekend day. I love holidays.

Dropped into uni to drop in a couple history essays and then went off to the city to catch Blade 2. Shen went up to buy his ticket only to be asked for proof of age – Blade is restricted to 15+ unless accompanied by a guardian over 18. He was incredulous: “Are you serious??” We gave him a ribbing for that, “Don’t worry Shen, we can be your guardians” (despite the fact that he was the eldest of all of us). Until all three of us got stopped at the door by an overzealous usher intent on keeping minor minors out of Blade. But damn, I am pretty sure that at 21, none of us look like 14 year olds.

Blade 2’s cool. Violence, gore, swords, guns, blood, and badass attitude. Guy’s flick. If you are squeamish, go watch it. Desensitise yourself. The only thing that detracted from it was the old fogie sitting behind us exclaiming, “Oh Wowwwww” in the most annoying nasally voice you can imagine, every 5 minutes.

Off to the snow on Saturday, can’t wait. One week of skiing, then back to uni for my final semester. I’ve shoved everything (Thesis, Telecomms for E-Commerce) onto a Thursday, so I only have a one day week at uni. Snazzy. See you in a week.