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Jul 02

Minority Report

Movies like Minority Report have all sorts of symbolism in it. Obviously the names given to the three pre-cogs (Agatha, Arthur and Dash) had some significance, but I didn’t give it much thought at the time. On the bus today though, I had a bit of a think and I came up with Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle and Dashielle Hammett – three crime fiction writers from three different eras. And when I got home I checked and most of the Net seems to be in agreement, so that was cool. Good trivia :) But it’s appropriate, because MR is more a crime movie set in the future, than sci-fi movie about crime.

MR’s pretty cool. Any movie that screws around with time is going to get burnt, so expect there to be plot holes and suspend disbelief. The technology in that movie is not that far fetched for the most part, the human-computer interface that makes Tom look like he’s conducting an orchestra (we’ve got these today), newspapers that change (electronic ink, wireless connection), biometrics (ethically, society will not accept this anytime soon!), etc. Of course some things are too far fetched, like the spiders, those genetically engineered plants, plugging into the brain on a whim and so on. Recommended.