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Jun 02


I’m not a regular reader of K5, but in response to the threat of closure, K5 readers have poured in a torrent of cash ($20k over the last couple days). Personally, I’m still trying to figure out why he needs $70k to run a web site, if he doesn’t have to pay for bandwidth or hosting! I suppose that is his annual income, but an annual salary of $70k is not exactly a non-profit level of revenue…

Some would argue purchasing power parity, but the equivalent salary level of someone making US$70k in the US would be around A$70k in Australia (doing the same job). Factoring in exchange rates and even burgernomics, goods sold in the US are probably only 50% more dear than those in Australia when prices are converted to US$. I’m sorry, $70k is a more than comfortable salary, even by american standards. More so when the median US household income pegs at just over $42k.

Now, I guess Rusty (K5’s owner) may claim that if he had a real job, his skill set could earn him $70k, so he wants to make that much from K5 if he’s going to keep doing it. And I suppose that’s fair enough, but it does seem a little devious to me.