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Jun 02

Clie NR70

Mum and Dad went to the consumer electronics show at Fox last weekend. Apparently there wasn’t much there that the Net hadn’t already reported a few months ago. Dad did spot the new Sony CLIE NR70. Very spunky indeed. I like the idea that you can turn it into a 320×480 digital photo frame. It retails at about the $1300 mark, and given that most digital photo frames go for $2000 up, the photo frame application is a very cool feature of the NR70. Unfortunately, the Pocket PC OS offers more functionality than Palm OS. The main advantage Palms had over Pocket PCs were their size (more simply = smaller device). When you try and add bells and whistles to a Palm unit, as Sony have done, the size increases to match Pocket PCs – and Palms simply don’t have the same grunt as them. 16MB of inbuilt memory is not conducive to storing multimedia, and it only has one memory stick expansion slot. Compare that to 64MB inbuilt memory and a Compact Flash + SD card expansion slot some of the new Pocket PC PDAs have. Nonetheless, the unit looks typically Sony and attaching a tiny camera to the unit is not a bad idea.