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May 02


Today was way too fricking cold. The daytime was bad enough, but I had uni this evening, and in typical Kensington fashion, it was blustery. The wind seems to bypass all clothing and strips heat straight from the skin. Catching hypothermia on the walks home this Winter is a distinct possibility :). I always pass a few payphones on the way home from uni. They are in the middle of the street in residential zoning, and they always seem to have someone using them at all odd hours. Fair enough, people may use those phones to make a quick call, but the type of people that use them speak for ages – up to an hour long… surely a home phone would be better (and it would be out of the cold)? Or are people that desparate for a chat? I’ve never figured this one out.

If you check out Google, it looks like they are releasing a new logo this Friday and are selling mugs this week only, to commemorate the event. For some reason, I’d really dig a mug with the Google logo on it, but to order it to Australia would cost $40. I ain’t paying $40 for a cup.

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