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Mar 02


Yes, I know my site is becoming ill-maintained yet again. I’ve been flat out.

Thesis – I finally got my topic finalised. It’s on continuous auditing and e-commerce.

Recruitment – Been attending all the information seminars this week. Deloitte Consulting on Monday, Bain on Tuesday, Port Jackson Partners on Wednesday and The Firm yesterday (that’d be McKinsey). All strategic consulting firms (except for DC, which is more mixed), all high powered, and all highly desirable places to work at, careerwise. Next week is BCG, and I’ll be interested to see how they present compared to McKinsey which was distinctly unflashy. Not that they need to be flashy, they already have a Reputation. I finally have developed my resume to a point where I’m satisfied with it. The resumes start going in next week, with interview offers being extended late March/early April. Working in strategy consulting would be an absolute blast (the travel, training, diverse experience, networking, money – it’s all there). However, the calibre of applicants and the acceptance rate (<<1%) for firms in that line of business makes all applications daunting. (As a result, I’m applying for as many strat consult firms as I can.)