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Mar 02

Bus Strike!

Sydney is now suffering a 48 hour bus strike. It’s not a “free-fare” day like they normally hold, they’ve taken all buses off the road. The strike is expected to impact 600,000 people over the next few days.

Traffic on major roads, as can be expected, is an absolute car park. Especially from places whose only available form of public transport are buses (UNSW and the eastern suburbs, for instance). On the way to work the people waiting on roadsides for – what I can only assume – car pools was readily noticeable. And of course, there are bound to be people who just haven’t heard about the strike. There is a bus stop right outside this building, and sure enough when I was walking in for work, there was a Korean girl standing there waiting. I told her about the strike, which as expected, she hadn’t heard of. It must’ve thrown a spanner into the works with her plans for the day. Kev, who lives across the road from me took up a tutoring position at UTS. Unable to find an available car, and unwilling to take a taxi, he is walking to UTS (should take a little over an hour). Then he’s grabbing a lift with me back (probably will take the same amount of time with the traffic! :).