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Jan 02

Sydney Infrastructure

It took me 45 minutes to drive to work today. Chiswick is about 17 kilometres from my apartment in Kingsford. I can drive home to Camden in 50 minutes from Kingsford. Camden is 65 kilometres away. The difference is, there are no expressways between Chiswick and Kingsford. Kev pointed out to me last night that you can drive from North Sydney all the way down to Victoria and hit only one traffic light (the one on the M5). For a city as sprawling as Sydney, its road system is quite decent. Australia has among the highest car ownership per capita figures in the world. What Sydney is lacking, however, is a comprehensive inner city transport infrastructure. Sydney doesn’t have a dense inner city network of public transport. Rail stations are spaced far apart (compared to New York’s subway, Paris’ Metro, or HK’s MTR system, for example). Our light rail and monorail are more like novelty rides given their price. (By car, finding parking in the CBD is a bitch.) However, I guess such a transport system is not that necessary. The actual CBD is relatively confined and Sydneysiders are so conditioned to walking to get to where they want to anyway.