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Dec 01

Ofoto Prints

I got some photos I shot with my digital camera processed by Ofoto, using a 25 free prints deal from Amazon. I uploaded the photos at 1800×1200 which gives a resolution of 300dpi for standard 6×4″ photos. The quality on the 6×4″ & 7×5″ prints is awesome. Ofoto uses Kodak resin-coated silver-halide colour paper to process the .jpgs I uploaded, which means the digitally-processed photos are virtually indistinguishable from film-processed ones. Although inkjets these days produce pretty damn good “photo quality” prints, they still don’t match a silver-halide developed print. Arguably, processing photos through Ofoto, or competitors like Shutterfly, is cheaper (if you use a free prints deal) and better than printing off an inkjet, after media and ink costs are factored in. Traditional film of course is still the best quality-wise, as you can enlargen prints to huge sizes without loss of quality.