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Nov 01


Been reading various photography techniques that produce some neat effects.
Prolonging shutter speeds to capture motion of lights at night, using flash to freeze the foreground with a longer exposure time to blur the background. Combining the two. Shooting fireworks, the moon and lightning. General guide on night photography. High speed photography. Canon’s guide on photography. General guide to aperture and shutter speeds.

These are all fairly usual techniques I gather, but unfortunately impossible for automatic cameras to do. Digital cameras are great for experimenting with this sort of stuff because results can be viewed immediately, instead of snapping off a roll, waiting for them to be processed and hoping it turned out ok. What would be great is an SLR digital, but for the same price you could get a more than decent normal SLR camera with lenses to boot.

There are now consumer-level 5 megapixel digital cameras being made available. The Sony DSC-F707 rated well and looks good, but unfortunately you’re locked into using proprietary memory sticks which aren’t cheap (not that any solid-state memory is cheap, but relatively speaking). The new Nikon Coolpix 5000 looks like it could be a real nice one to get. Donations, anyone? :)