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Nov 01

Enterprise: Breaking The Ice (Ep 1.08)

The first half of this episode didn’t seem like a conventional one. It sort of meandered along with an A-plot that could have been a B-plot. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t boring. The scene where Archer sends a message back to the school kids is amusing, and actually informative (we all wonder the same things as those 4th graders). However, the plot emerges in the second half of the show and we see once again that it is once again another episode developing the Vulcans. It strikes me as odd, that after a century of relations, Vulcans are still so cold and demeaning to humans. Odd, because only a century later, relations have warmed up (as much as you can describe a Vulcan as being “warm”) and the humans have surpassed the Vulcans in galactic influence. I wonder if the arrogance of Vulcans will be maintained throughout the course of Enterprise, or will they start to gain their respect? I’m taking more of a liking to Tripp meanwhile, he’s showing that he’s not just some hick from the South. Mayweather is another thing altogether. Who is he? What is he there for?? He’s like a tourist – everytime he gets sent on an away mission he’s wide eyed and can’t stop smiling. Yet, he serves no real role on the ship that we have seen yet. He’s always in a supporting position. He seems to be more “useless” than Harry Kim, and that’s saying something!