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Oct 01


This classic post was originally from TripleOptix, some time ago. It’s about the “Trevor” phenomenon – where a Caucasian guy is going out with an Asian girl.
Anyway, all the terms relating to it are:

Trevor or Classic Trevor – Aussie guy with a hot Asian girl
Super Trevor – Aussie guy with a super fly “oh my gawd” Asian girl
WTF Trevor – Trailer park butt-ugly Aussie guy with hot Asian girl
Reverse Trevor – Asian guy with an Aussie girl – a rare sight (“Rev
Semi Trevor – Aussie guy very good friends with hot Asian girl
Semi Rev Trev – Asian guy very good friends with Aussie girl
Darth Trevor – African American guy with Asian girl
Greasy Trevor – Aussie Italian/Greek/Lebanese guy with an Asian girl
Pimp Daddy Trevor – Dodgy Aussie guy (usually with a mullet haircut) with 2 or
more Asian girls who look like pornstars
Tool Trevor – Aussie guy who the fly Asian girl is going out with just
to get attention from the Asian guys
Trevor Trevor – Gay Aussie guy with gay Asian guy

So what do you call a Eurasian that goes out with an Asian/Caucasian? Half-Trevor?

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