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Oct 01


I had a bad night last night. For some reason I can’t fathom, I just couldn’t get to sleep – at all. It was totally weird. Normally when that happens it’s because there’s something significant troubling me or making me nervous, or excited, but there was nothing like that this time. You know how sometimes your mind is still wide awake, and even though your body is trying to get to sleep, thoughts keep popping into your head? That kept happening to me up till about 2am. So, completely annoyed, I got up, walked around a little bit, checked my e-mail (I think everyone does that when they can’t get to sleep at that hour) and tried to get back to it. No luck. My mind stopped thinking, but I continued to toss and turn. 3am… 4am… Around about 4.30am I drifted into that zone where you’re semi-conscious, and when I roused from it at about 5.30, it didn’t feel like I’d been asleep, but I wasn’t sure either. I decided to give in at 6am and “woke up”.

Staying awake at work has been a superhuman effort. I guess it’s a good thing that I had to solve some Mac compatibility issues today. The department’s only Mac requires a walk halfway across the floor, and it’s those treks that have been keeping me barely awake. I think I passed the pain barrier a little while after lunch, so it’s not so bad now. At least tonight I know I’m going to zonk out completely…