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Oct 01

Enterprise: Unexpected (Ep 1.05)

Trek’s equivalent of “Junior”. Erm, yeah. First episode of proper first contact. We see an alien race that’s more alien than virtually any race previously featured on Trek (we have improved film technology and budgets to thank for that). We see the Klingons acting all badass. We see holodeck technology. We see sex. Redneck Tripp gets raped, although fortunately not in the way you’d think. It’s an episode that doesn’t really go anywhere, and I feel that the humourous side of it could be milked a lot more. Another OK hour of entertainment, but still waiting for a memorable episode to come along.

At the Holodiction convention this year, the MC there declared that Enterprise was probably going “to be good science fiction, but not Star Trek”. At this point, I’m inclined to grudgingly admit that they pulled off an idea like Enterprise better than expected. Sure, it’s still a slap in the face of Trek fans who “know” there was “no such thing” as the NX-01, but nevertheless there’s no mistaking that this is distinctly Trek. And that is no easy task giving that Enterprise is set in the 22nd century instead of the 24th. Looks like Enterprise seems to be gelling well with non-Trekkies too (without mutilating the entire franchise as can happen when things are made more mainstream), which is always a good thing.